Plan for working at home

Working a full-time job I usually get home and find my motivation drained and I wind up spending the rest of my afternoon and evening doing nothing to improve my situation. I just can’t seem to plug my work ethic into my spare time.

I thought about how I can run a business from home. On the clock I do great. I clearly define a task and work hard at it until it is completed. Then it’s on to the next. It’s all a series of tasks and sticking to one at a time. The hard thing at work is when I’m not sure about something and I can’t move forward until that gets cleared up.

The boss has the knowledge and authority to help me out when that happens. He can make executive decisions or talk to the right people to get things clarified or changed. In my own business I need to be the man to talk to. I need to come up with specific job descriptions so I can see what exactly I am going to do in the amount of time I have. I need to specify what tasks need to be done.

Sometimes its a matter of pushing through rough spots. At work I find times when the task is a real drag. I’d like to just move on to something else, but there will be consequences so I just have to keep going. At home I usually stop when it starts to drag. There is no immediate consequence besides feelings of failure and inadequacy. No big deal. What I need to do is act as though I am going to a second job. I clock in, work part time hours and clock out when I’m done, and not a second before. That way I will be on someone else’s time, I’ll be working for myself.

I can tell people I have a second job. Is it a lie? No, unless I don’t perform. I have to treat myself like a boss. I must think of myself as a separate entity, someone to return and report to at the end of the day or week.

At this job I will be boss, supervisor, and underling. I’ll have the flexibility of experiencing every role. I can dictate my own wage, and know just how much I am capable of making. If I want a day off I’ll know exactly how it will affect my business and whether or not I can afford to take time off.

This job can be an excuse to not do things, go places, or deal with people I don’t want to. I can say that I have to work, or that I don’t have that day off. I can say that I have to get up early tomorrow morning for work, so I can’t stay very long.

Will I be able to be productive on the job? Well, I’ll have to figure out what tasks need to be done to be profitable. When I am feeling motivated I can make plans and move things forward. When I feel like just going through the motions I will have specific tasks to accomplish so I can just put the time in and know that I have done the business good.