10 Small Things

I don’t know of one big secret to becoming financially independent. Here are 10 little things I can do.

1. Maintain a steady source of income
2. Make sure your income is greater than your expenses
3. Save a portion of everything you earn
4. Minimize necessary spending
5. Cut out unnecessary spending
6. Work smarter, not harder
7. Make your money work for you
8. Increase your income (get a raise, add an income stream, find a better paying job)
9. Develop an emergency fund
10. Give back

These seem simple enough, but realizing them is a bit harder. To make things even more manageable I will break them down again.

1. Maintain a steady stream of income
– Find a day job
– Keep a day job
– Make yourself more valuable within that job

2. Make sure your income is greater than your expenses
– List all your expenditures over the last month or two
– Figure out whether you are living within your means
– Write down each necessary item on one list and save for step 4
– Write down each unnecessary item on another list and save for step 5

3. Save a portion of everything you earn
– Find out how much of your income goes towards fixed expenses
– Pick a percentage of what is left
– Set that much aside every time you get paid
– Leave that money alone

4. Minimize necessary spending
– Look at list of necessaries
– Seek a discount or cheaper alternative for each
– Decide whether it is really a necessary expenditure
– When you are about to acquire a new expense (internet, car, longer commute, etc.) restart this process.

5.Cut unnecessary spending
– Look at your list of unnecessary items
– Keep it handy
– When you feel the urge to spend money on something, check to see if it is on the list
– If it is not on the list, decide whether it belongs there or on your other list
– If it is on the list, don’t spend the money

6. Work smarter, not harder
– Keep your work space clean and organized
– Sharpen the saw (take care of yourself and your equipment)
– Eliminate distractions
– Get enough sleep to function properly
– Seek additional education and training
– Take breaks to avoid burn out

7. Make your money work for you
– Try to buy things that won’t lose their value
– Buy things that will appreciate in value
– Add to your career education and training
– Learn a new skill
– Get a savings account with higher interest

8. Increase your income
– Ask forĀ a raise
– Add an income stream
– Find a better paying job

9. Develop an emergency fund
– Figure out how much you would need to function for one month with no income
– Start saving a portion of your income until you have one month’s expenses in reserve
– When you have one month saved, go for six months
– Have at least $500 set aside for car trouble, preferably $1,000
– Keep it in cash

10. Give back
– Recognize how lucky you are to be where you are and have what you have, even if it isn’t much
– Help someone out of a bind
– Pay for someone’s lunch
– Gas up someone’s car
– Help someone find gainful employment
– Teach a man to fish


How To Come Up With 50 Dollars

A few minutes browsing through YouTube will show how many people have used the following methods to come up with some extra cash. These aren’t get rich quick schemes, and it may not happen over night, but they are proven methods. Some of these ideas might produce the full sum all at once, while others require the accumulation of several sales, gigs, or items. What’s cool is that there’s something for everyone. Happy hustling!

How to come up with 50 dollars:

1. Scavenging scrap – electronics, garbage, up-cycle crafts, cleanup and removal

2. Turn over items – books, bikes, furniture, random items online

3. Garage sale – pretty self explanatory

4. Art – sculptures, paintings, drawings, poetry, crafts

5. Writing – copy, filler, blog, magazine,

6. Services – windows, cleaning, yard work, handyman, babysitting, pet care

7. Teaching/tutoring – music, math, English, software, yoga

8. Space for rent – storage space, car, yard, internet

9. Mobility – carpool, haul stuff from place to place,

10. Security – house sitting, installation of home security stuff, varmint duty,

11. Maintenance – simple car, outdoors equipment, yard, electronics

12. Repair – electronics, house interior, furniture, appliances

This is a pretty general list, so if you want more specifics or just more ideas shoot me a comment and subscribe for more!