Slave to Ignorance? (Guest Post)

If I were in that situation… I would hit the books.

Having lived in Guatemala for two years and traveled to other third world countries, I have been deeply impressed by the role of ignorance in third world countries.  The direct connection, in my personal view, between a prospering country (or in this case, a prospering individual or family) would be their ability to learn and apply that knowledge to their everyday lives.  Not only would it be a fight against ignorance though, but also culture… it seems that humanity is comfortable with their present lives, change is often thought of as being hard, evil, or even not worth the time.  Yet I believe, that like the chameleon that changes its colors depending on its circumstances, we as humans also need to learn how to change in order to achieve a better life.

it would definitely be an uphill climb for quite a while, but having changed in the past, it would be worth it.



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