“Too much month at the end of the money” – Jim Rohn

Have you ever gone to the store and grabbed a bunch of groceries, gone up to the checkout and found that you didn’t have enough money for it all? Or worse, found that you didn’t have any money left? That is a harsh way to go, leaving the grocery store empty-handed. Whose fault was it? Mine (unfortunately).

I got something with a free trial of 30 days. I didn’t realize that my time was up, too late to send it back. So then I had to start making payments on this thing for which I had no need. I had given them my debit card number so that they could conveniently charge my account every other month.

So even though I was keeping meticulous records of everything I was spending on I was always missing a surprising sum. That’s how I thought I had a good $50 left in my account and have it come up empty.

Finally I figured out what was going on and got it taken care of. I learned a valuable lesson, the “have now, pay later” mentality is bad news. What an expensive lesson.


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