No You Can’t

Just for a minute I want you to think negatively.

Think of something that you do automatically, you don’t think about it you just do it, like driving, walking, cooking, riding a bike, talking. Think for a minute how many things could go wrong. Imagine just how hazardous it could be if you didn’t do it right or you failed.

You never know what is going to happen. You may have done it before but this time you might not be able to respond the right way. How dangerous is getting in a vehicle that could get out of control and kill you or others? Shrink from it, don’t be the one responsible for the pain and trauma caused by such.

Even speaking has its risks. You never know if something you say will offend someone. What if you lose a friend or certain people in your life start to think badly of you? So many things can go wrong.

Is it worth the risk? You don’t have to do it you know. You can avoid doing those things. There are others who can do it better, that have more experience. Leave it to them. You don’t have to stretch yourself or go beyond your comfort zone.

Now, if you’ve had enough…

Remember how you could do it. Remember that you have done it a thousand times and never had a problem. Remember how you handled situations that could have been bad but your reflexes saved you, and you moved on with a triumphant laugh. Think about how you have done new things, failed and tried again to succeed. Who criticized you? Who says you can’t try again? Why not?

There is a first time for everything. Now we do it, and we can’t imagine not being able to.

Now think about those things that you would like to do but haven’t yet found the courage. Imagine you have already done it many times before. Remember how smoothly you do it? Remember how good you feel when you do?

You can do it. You will get better. It will get easier. Just start. Think big, and do it.


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