Why don’t we apart time to do things that we want to do? time is a limited resource. We have many things that clamor for attention but our salary is always the same allotment each day. What we have to ask ourselves is what do I value? There is so little time that we cannot afford to spend one minute on things of lesser worth. We have so much to do. As with money, the bills should come first because they represent the preservation of our lives and those whom we love.

There is actually a lot of time that seems to slip through our fingers, at the end of the day we wonder where it all went. The fact is that we often spend it on things that have no real value to us, or we spend an excess of time on something. What we have to figure out is how much time each activity is worth, so that we don’t get ripped off for cheap stuff. Figure out what your values are exactly. Write down the things that are most valuable to you.

Good health is important to me, being relatively comfortable (warm home, bed, shower), my family is important to me so that merits a good chunk of time, my career is important to me.

What about my career is important to me?

ability to provide for my family

personal education and fulfillment

ability to contribute to society


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