Observations on Mark Anastasi

I signed up for his newsletter a while ago after reading his book The Laptop Millionaire. Here are a few things I have noted from his work.

He emails his list everyday and sometimes more. Each email has a the same basic outline. First he has a story or news item to tell about. This is complete with a link to the original since he only provides an intro. This is followed by the stats of the day, usually something about the market or some random poll. Then there is the quote of the day. The next section is the news update of the day. This is one of my favorite parts, he reminds us of any upcoming events or seminars (I don’t really care for that part, especially when it is stuff you have to pay to see), and then he lists about six or seven articles relevant to his niche for you to browse through. I often get hung up on these and sometimes find stuff that I want to return to see, so I find it hard to delete his emails from my inbox.

His emails are very simple and don’t have any original content but they have stickiness. After reading his book and watching a few of the seminars he lets you watch for free I now regard him as an authority and value the links he gives. By putting them in his feed he endorses them, that makes them valuable to me. He creates value. If he were to feature one of my articles or posts then he would add enormous amounts of value to it.

Wow! For months I have received Mark’s emails and have only taken them for face value. But as I study and scrutinize them now I realize how valuable they are to me as examples. I should sign myself up for a few other successful newsletters and see what I can glean from them 🙂

So what keeps me from creating a website with a news feed opt-in page and a couple of pillar articles and building a mailing list which I can then monetize with advertising? After I become a good enough expert in my niche I can even offer premium content.

I could do that.



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