Make it happen

Step one: Dream

Step two: Turn your dream into a goal by writing it down

Step three: Make a timeline of your life, including into the future

Step four: Enter the achievement of your dream on your timeline (deadline or date)

Step five: Don’t just let, or hope it will happen, Make it happen.

How to make it happen:

  1. clearly define your goal in writing
  2. ask yourself what you need to do to make it happen
  3. record your brainstorm
  4. recognize the impact that will be made on your life by taking such actions, evaluate worth.
  5. set a date of accomplishment.
  6. Be accountable to yourself. At the end of each day report to yourself what you have done to reach your goal.

I want to make 100,000 dollars.

I will put that on my timeline. The deadline will be January 1 2015.

That is my goal. Now instead of just hoping that this will occur I will figure out how to make it happen. My future is in my hands and if that is so then I can do this, regardless of the obstacles.

What will this imply? I will need to dedicate lots of time and energy to pull it off. Is it worth the effort and sacrifice that must be made? Yes. Why? Because I will have to spend so much time working anyway, I cannot sleep or play all year. I must have a dream and be dedicated to its realization.

 Brainstorm. How will I make it happen?

Sell my time? (find a job that pays that much, get the job, hold it for one year)

start a business

write a book, sell it for at least 10 dollars and get at least 10,000 sold

buy something which brings in passive income (vending machine, rent out items, etc.)

become an expert in something and teach it to people

create a craft and sell it for so much

create many crafts and sell them for so much

turn over sales

Sell real estate?

Solve problems!

Who do I want to serve?

Outdoors enthusiasts, families, youth, non-conformists like myself…

What do they want?

Freedom, money (more income, less expense), peace of mind (family well-being, less risk to self, family and career), more control over their lives, security for the future, self-fulfillment, entertainment/distraction, solutions to problems

What problems do they have?

Government intervention, lack of time, lack of money, insecure income, disrepair of assets, too many expenses, not enough income for lifestyle, lack of education, irritations…


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